Fruits of the Earth Heartbeat : Season 1 Episode 2

TV-PG ITV int(0)


Nick is puzzled by a succession of drunken hikers on the moors. A man called Potter is then cautioned for passing on his home made wine which is responsible. Potter also gets accused of indecent exposure, but Nick later discovers this is incorrect! Meanwhile a employee of the local bank reports her husband to be missing. Nick goes searching for the man, but there is no sign of him. Later, he finds out that the man has hung himself because his wife was having an affair with the manager of the bank. Alan Maskell is then refused a loan from the bank to start his own business, but Nick is able to use the mans death to persuades the bank manager to change his mind. Kate has further trouble with Dr Ferrenby after advising Mrs. Maskell, a mother of six to take the contraceptive pill. This also angers Mr. Maskell, who feels it is a threat to his virility.

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